Alonna's Song is geared towards staying positive in this walk encouraging ourselves through the rough times especially when no one else is around to help. Now let me be very CLEAR we will have our days of despair and not even want to look for positives let alone encouragement. I know this oh so well I'm right there with you and that's okay. We can be down but let's not be down and out for the count that's all I'm saying. In my group I offer a technique which I refer to as "Flipping Thoughts" Whenever (which can be often) we feel ourselves slipping into that dark place of despair and depression of being without our babies, after crying and sometimes kicking, screaming and let's just say it... totally losing it! When the calming begins we need to learn to "Flip our Thoughts" to whatever is positive for you? My go to is HEAVEN and what a wonderful time Alonna is having. This may not be it for you, it may be a picture, a piece of clothing a song? Whatever it takes to get you out of what we call WAVES of grief. Secondly, I am very strong about this "MOMMAS" we need to find our purpose of life through this walk. We were chosen for a reason and it's up to us to figure out why and help other mothers with our gifts along the way. Many may say well how could I possibly find a purpose through this I'm completely devastated? I know exactly how you feel but trust me it's in there it's in you! You have to do some serious digging and soul searching. Like me, most of the time it's something that you were previously doing before the loss of your child. Our gift is always our gift we were meant to use them no matter the circumstance. So I'm encouraging all the "Mommas" out there to begin the technique of "Flipping Thoughts" and begin to soul search! Before you know it inch by inch, day by day you will begin to notice strength from within want to know why? Because you're beginning to take the focus off you and starting to help heal others now you're walking in your life's purpose! Staying strong with you...


Alonna's Mom